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Top Rated Microblading Course in Texas

No previous experience necessary, whether you are a permanent makeup artist or a complete novice we will give you all the training you need to become a successful Microblading practitioner.

Microblading Training Course

This is an entry-level microblading class, perfect for newcomers to the industry or seasoned cosmetology professionals looking to expand their services. Beginners with no prior knowledge of tattooing, eyebrow drawing or cosmetology will appreciate our step-by-step approach to teaching you. You will learn a lot–understand that microblading is one of the most difficult permanent makeup techniques to master, but you’ll be learning from the best.

Being the pioneers in Microblading, over the years we have developed and built an extensive training outline including but not limited to, colour theory, brow mapping & shaping, hair flow technique, and live instructive procedures; just to name a few – you will not find our technique and structure with any other training course.


We provide a 1-day Microblading Training Sessions at our studio.

A $100 deposit is needed to register. It will be deducted from the final price. You will have to complete your payment at least 1 week before your session begins.

The deposit is NOT refundable.

The course includes:

  • Free Microblading Kit
  • One Day of Training
  • Perfect Salon Certificate**

*Taxes not included. All prices are in US dollars. See sales representative for more information.

**Perfect Salon will issue your certification once you have successfully completed and are approved by our Certified Perfect Salon Trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, you will learn the microblading fundamentals. We will teach you how to make perfect strokes and you will be able to practice on live models.

Yes, we also provide Microblading advanced courses. For any question about prices and availability, please write to us at info@theperfectsalons.com

We limit our training sessions to 6 students.
Yes, with an additional cost. You can check our availability by sending us an email at info@theperfectsalons.com we also give one-on-one classes for your comfort.
An authorization from the County Health Department of your area is required to practice microblading. Please note that every county has its own regulations.